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This family contains exactly one genus, Ceratophyllum.

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Ceratophyllum muricatum Cham. ssp. australe (Griseb.) D.H. Les was reported from MA 
 by Angelo and Boufford ( in press). The voucher specimen is C. echinatum—21 Jul 1994, 
 Hickler s.n. ( MASS!). References: Hellquist and Crow (1984), Les (1997).

  • 1a. Leaves mostly once- or twice-forked, serrate, the ultimate segments flat [Fig. 51]; styles 4.5–6 mm long; achenes with 2 basal spines
  • 1b. Leaves mostly 3- or 4-times forked, sparsely serrate, the ultimate segments capillary; styles 5–10 mm long; achenes with 4–15 spines—2 basal and 2–13 lateral

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